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Zhongguancun Development Group sivuliike Suomessa

Zhongguancun Development Group (ZDG) was established in 2010. It is a hi-tech commercialization platform backed by Beijing government. ZDG has three core businesses: hi-tech investment, technology park development, and hi-tech financing. In November 2012, Zhongguancun Development Group together with Zhongguancun Management Committee and Zhongguancun Software Park founded Z-Park Finland office.

In the past years, Z-Park Finland office successfully helped Chinese companies to invest in Finland, there are currently 11 companies from Zhongguancun investing or doing business in Finland. Z-Park Finland office also brought the prestigious Slush to China. In April 2017, during President Xi Jinping 's state visit to Finland,  the two states signed a joint statement on Establishing China-Finland Innovative Business Cooperation Committee. ZDG was elected as the Chairman company representing China, The Chairman company representing Finland is Nokia.  Currently, 11 companies from Zhongguancun are investing or doing business in Finland.

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