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BYD Finland Oy

BYD started to operate in Finland from the year 2002. Along with the growth of BYD group, BYD Finland Oy was founded to support BYD vertical integrated IT business by the end of the year 2007.


Currently, BYD Finland Oy is working on 2 main business lines of BYD group, which are Electronics Business Group and Battery Business Group. Within Electronics Business Group, our products cover the design, manufacture, assembly, test of mechanical parts, electronic components, tools, and equipment. We also have world top class OEM and ODM capability. Products of Battery Business Group include EV Battery, 3C Battery, Energy Storage System, Rectifier, Inverter, Back Up Power Solution, etc. Besides, we also work on Solar Panel production and construction. Our customers in Finland include Nokia, Fiskars, Fortum, Veolia, etc. BYD Finland also works with other BYD European branches to support the business operation in whole Europe. We have business activities in Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands.